Compressport Race Oxygen Full Socken black Bekleidung Socken Laufsocken

With Oxygen compression socks nothing will stop you! Originally designed to meet the needs of our professional athletes at extreme events like the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, the Race Oxygen Sock is well ventilated, ultra-light and exceptionally comfortable. To improve your performance during exertion, the Race Oxygen full socks delay fatigue and muscle soreness and provide an exceptional feeling of freshness. The socks adapt to your steps, strengthening proprioception and posture. Ultra-fine fibres provide lightness, softness and suppleness for unparalleled comfort. The "Oxygen" full socks are so light and comfortable that you will quickly forget you are wearing them. Thanks to the bioceramic fibres, these "Oxygen" full socks provide real heat regulation, so you won't overheat. In addition, the ventilation bands integrated directly into the compression ensure perfect ventilation. The socks dry very quickly so that your feet and calves stay fresh. Perfect for intensive training sessions in extreme heat in trail use, triathlon or marathon.